Discover the clinical performance results of Aiosyn Mitosis Breast at ECDP 2024

By Victoria Grosu
03 June, 2024

Aiosyn, a medical software company specializing in AI-powered pathology solutions for cancer and kidney diseases, recently conducted a clinical performance study in collaboration with Radboud university medical center. This study evaluated the benefits of Aiosyn Mitosis Breast for mitotic figure detection in clinical settings. Following the presentation at the USCAP 113th Annual Meeting, these results will be showcased at the 20th European Congress on Digital Pathology.

Aiosyn Mitosis Breast is an innovative algorithm designed to assist pathologists in counting mitoses in breast biopsies and resections. This critical task plays a crucial role in assessing tumor proliferation rates and contributes to cancer grading. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Aiosyn aims to enhance efficiency and consistency in this labor-intensive process subject to observer variability.

Leslie Tessier, PhD candidate from the Computational Pathology Group at Radboudumc, will present the abstract as part of the “Machine Learning & AI Clinical Application II” session on June 7th in Room Alpha. The presentation, titled “Large-scale Validation of AI-assisted Mitosis Counting in Breast Cancer,” will feature the clinical performance study of Aiosyn Mitosis Breast. The study involved 28 pathologists from 9 countries and demonstrated significant improvements in both efficiency and consistency among pathologists when using Aiosyn Mitosis Breast.

Be sure not to miss the session, and visit us at booth #38 for a live demonstration of Aiosyn Mitosis Breast and other cutting-edge precision pathology solutions. Alongside this solution, discover our automated quality control and kidney image analysis services, designed to advance digital pathology workflows.

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