ZAS Netwerk partners with Aiosyn to evaluate AI-powered mitosis detection in clinical settings

By Kama Witkowska
25 March, 2024

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Aiosyn, a pioneering medical software company specializing in AI-powered pathology solutions for cancer and kidney disease, has announced a partnership with Ziekenhuis aan de Stroom (ZAS) Netwerk, a collaboration of Ziekienhuizen Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA) and GZA Ziekienhuizen. Both Belgian hospital groups are currently in a fusion traject which will make them one of the largest healthcare organizations in Europe. The collaboration aims to implement Aiosyn Mitosis Breast within ZAS Netwerk’s medical facilities, conducting a comprehensive study to assess the impact of this deep learning software in clinical pathology operations.

“ZAS Netwerk is leading the field of breast cancer diagnostics and we are delighted to collaborate with their pathologists to further optimize the precision of breast cancer grading”

Patrick de Boer, CEO of Aiosyn

Together, ZAS Netwerk and Aiosyn will assess the performance of Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, Aiosyn’s solution for detecting cells undergoing division (mitosis) in breast biopsies and resections. Three breast clinics within the ZAS network of hospitals across Belgium will participate in the study, scrutinizing both the advantages and challenges associated with integrating this solution into their existing clinical workflow. The first milestones involve validating the application and seamlessly integrating the software into the Telemis platform. During this project, the efficiency and consistency of diagnoses with Aiosyn Mitosis Breast assistance will be evaluated. ZAS Netwerk will also explore a possible extension of the software for mitosis detection in neuroendocrine tumor.

Dr. Frederik Deman, pathology specialist at ZNA-GZA: “We strongly believe in the power of new technologies such as AI that will help health care providers in their daily practice. This evaluation of such new tools in daily practices is necessary to ease the implementation of these tools on a broader scale.”

Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, currently pending CE-IVDR certification, has already been shown to save time and improve consistency among pathologists, as evidenced by a clinical performance study conducted in collaboration with Radboud University Medical Center. The ongoing partnership with ZAS Netwerk seeks to validate and delve deeper into these clinical benefits within the established networks of its clinical practices. At the moment, Aiosyn Mitosis Breast is for Research Use Only.

Figure 1. Illustration depicting the Aiosyn Mitosis Breast solution. Cells marked in green denote instances of mitotic figures.

About Aiosyn

Aiosyn is a Dutch company that develops precision pathology software for cancer and kidney disease. Aiosyn’s solutions are integrated into standard pathology workflows. The Aiosyn team has been built upon more than 20 years of research experience in the field of pathology and is rooted in pathology practice.

About ZAS Netwerk

ZAS Netwerk is the collaboration of the two Antwerp hospitals, ZNA and GZA Ziekienhuizen. It accounts for 10,000 employees (including 1,000 doctors), 3,300 beds, about 80 medical services, 14 campuses, 2 outpatient clinics, and 1 medical center.