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At Aiosyn we believe in synergy between pathologists and AI Technology. We combine science, engineering, and business expertise to transform top-tier research into leading AI-powered medical products for pathology



Cristina González Gonzalo

Clinical Program Manager

Cristina is Clinical Program Manager at Aiosyn. She holds a BSc in Audiovisual Systems Engineering and an MSc in Biomedical Engineering. She has recently finished her appointment as PhD candidate on AI in Medical Image Analysis, between the University of Amsterdam and the Radboud UMC. Her research focused on automated screening of retinal diseases using deep learning. She studied different factors to lessen the existing gap between the development of AI systems and their integration in clinical practice, including reliability, explainability, robustness, and trustworthiness. As Clinical Program Manager, she is the central contact person in Aiosyn’s partnerships and is responsible for designing clinical validation studies of Aiosyn’s products.

Cristina loves music, and she can often be found attending a concert or playing with her band.

Nick Overdijk

Senior Software Engineer

Nick is a senior software engineer at Aiosyn, and focuses on quality assurance and integrations. As a starting employee at ScreenPoint Medical in 2014, he got the opportunity to partake in the quality assurance and compliance side of medical device engineering and found that by combining his engineering work and compliance work a strong synergetic bond can be made, assuring compliant devices make it reliably and quickly to the market. Since then, developing software and processes in tandem has become a new passion, which he now gets to do at Aiosyn.

Nikki Wissink

Medical Assistant

David Tellez

Chief Technology Officer

David is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Aiosyn. He has a background in computer science and electrical engineering, and a passion for challenges and disruptive technology. He has previous experience building scalable technology for startups as a research engineer. In addition, he holds a PhD in computational pathology with a focus on developing deep learning based algorithms. For the past two years, he has been responsible for the technology that powers Aiosyn’s AI solutions, coordinating efforts between the software engineering and the AI science teams. 

David enjoys spending time at the bouldering gym, and playing tennis and padel outside.

Peter Bandi

Senior Software Engineer

Peter is a senior software engineer at Aiosyn, responsible for the cloud services and the technical infrastructure of Aiosyn. He has a background in computer science and started his career in the field of telecommunications where he learned to work in large teams and to coordinate such a team of software engineers. Later he joined a medical imaging company to work on image processing algorithms. To further pursue his interest in research and machine learning he started his PhD in the field of computational pathology. Next he worked at Thirona as a deep learning engineer and learned how to transition deep learning algorithms from research to production. At Aiosyn he uses his diverse knowledge in the field of software engineering and machine learning to build the best possible infrastructure for the company to support our advanced algorithms.

Maschenka Balkenhol

Medical Advisor

Patrick de Boer

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aiosyn. He studied Health Sciences and followed a MSc Management and Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences at the VU University. Patrick founded a European life science consulting company specialized in strategy and financing services for medtech and biotech companies (sold in 2018). Early 2020, he co-founded a medical diagnostics company (now part of Microbe&Lab) that provides infectious diseases (e.g., Covid-19) and a platform for at-home testing and health programs for consumers and employers. In 2021, he co-founded Aiosyn in which he will take AI-powered pathology algorithms to patients and doctors. 

Patrick is an enthusiastic amateur cyclist and likes to spend time in the mountains.

Alexandra Danyi

Junior AI Scientist

Alexandra is a Junior AI Scientist at Aiosyn. She is passionate about bringing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to patients. She has a background in bioinformatics and earlier worked at bioinformatics startups. After gaining experience in the biotech industry, she started a PhD at UMC Utrecht where she researched the application of deep learning for ‘cancer of unknown primary’ (CUP) detection under liquid biopsy settings. At Aiosyn, she is working on building AI algorithms for clinical diagnostics.

Jeroen van der Laak

Chief Scientific Officer

Jeroen is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Aiosyn. He is also Professor of Computational Pathology at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands and guest Professor at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization in Linköping, Sweden. He studied Computer Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Jeroen currently leads a research group focusing on the use of AI for digitized histopathological tissue sections. His group was among the first to show the potential of AI for analysis of whole slide images. Further research focused on AI improvements to increase robustness and accuracy, and on AI application for diverse tasks, developing models for analysis of breast and colorectal cancer and for renal transplant biopsies. In 2016 and 2017, he coordinated the CAMELYON grand challenges. The CAMELYON data sets are among the largest and most studied in computational Pathology today. Jeroen is member of the board of directors of the Digital Pathology Association, iis leading the ‘AI in Pathology’ taskforce of the European Society of Pathology and is overall coordinator of the Bigpicture project. He is USCAP Nathan Kaufman laureate 2019.

Wouter Bulten

Chief Innovation Officer

Wouter is co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Aiosyn. He studied Artificial Intelligence and worked as a software engineer and data scientist. He holds a Ph.D. in computational pathology with a focus on using artificial intelligence for clinical diagnostics. Wouter’s research showed that AI algorithms could grade prostate cancer on the level of experienced pathologists and actively assist pathologists in performing better diagnoses. Wouter was also one of the main organizers of the PANDA challenge, the largest challenge in computational pathology to date, collaborating with Karolinska Institute and Google Health. Wouter’s research was published in top journals like The Lancet Oncology and Nature Medicine.

Wouter enjoys going to the theater in his free time and aspires to be a hobby chef.

Thomas de Bel

AI Scientist

Thomas is an AI Scientist at Aiosyn. He has a BSc in Medicine and in Computer Science, followed up with a MSc in Data Science. After his studies, he started a PhD in the field of computational pathology, with a focus on quantifying risk factors of breast cancer. At Aiosyn he will continue to apply his experience in both medicine and machine learning to build capable algorithms that will be brought to the clinic. 

Thomas can often be found in the bouldering gym, and is a huge board game enthusiast.