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Precision pathology for cancer and kidney diseases using AI

Aiosyn’s deep learning solutions help pathology laboratories and biopharma to enhance their workflows and find the best possible treatment.

Our Solutions
Introducing Aiosyn’s Kidney AI Suite

Aiosyn’s Kidney AI Suite uses deep learning to analyze kidney structures and quantify lesions that impact kidney health. Co-developed with kidney pathology experts, the platform is designed to advance research in the field of renal diseases.

Our solutions

Aiosyn specializes in the development of deep learning algorithms for cancer and kidney disease diagnosis and research.

We use science-based innovation to create AI-powered image analysis software, enhancing workflows and delivering certified solutions that have a positive impact on patients. Our computational pathology technology provides data-driven insights to improve clinical diagnostics and complement R&D studies.

  • Clinical Diagnostics

    Improve workflows and support clinical decisions with data-driven insights.

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  • Life Sciences

    Complement R&D studies and streamline review processes with AI-powered image analysis.

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Built upon 20+ years of research experience

Founded as a spin-off from Radboudumc, we combine state-of-the-art AI research and engineering to develop precision pathology solutions.


Rooted in the pathology practice

Our strong ties to clinical practice enable the co-development of deep learning solutions with pathology laboratories.

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Seamless integration with existing workflows

Our modular software is tightly integrated into standard pathology workflows, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

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Working together with pathologists to drive AI adoption

At Aiosyn, we develop precision pathology solutions that inject deep learning algorithms into existing workflows, equipping medical professionals and researchers with data-driven insights. Our close connection to clinical practice enables us to build these solutions for and together with pathology labs and biopharma companies.  


By co-developing our technology with experts and integrating modular software into standard workflows, we facilitate the adoption of AI in pathology to improve patient outcomes worldwide.