Let’s advance precision pathology for cancer and CKD together

With pathology laboratories gradually digitizing and moving towards AI integration, there is a pressing need for a more comprehensive approach to the implementation of AI tools. At Aiosyn, we collaborate with industry and clinical partners, as well as cloud providers, to deliver a seamless deployment of our computational pathology solutions for our clients.

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Partnerships and collaborations

Why partner with Aiosyn?

  • Proven track record of integrated AI development in breast cancer and chronic kidney diseases

    With a longstanding track record in developing AI-powered algorithms for breast cancer and CKD, we originate from a pathology laboratory and the Computational Pathology group from Radboudumc. We have developed a large network in these fields and collaborate closely with our network of pathologists to design, train, and validate advanced artificial intelligence models.

  • Advanced and compliant AI solutions for increased data security

    Aiosyn’s dedication lies in developing and providing cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to pathology, all while ensuring the utmost security. We take pride in being ISO 13485 certified for medical devices, a testament to our commitment to quality and compliance.

  • Seamless integration and scalable deployment

    Aiosyn’s cloud-based diagnostics platform facilitates seamless integration and scalable deployment of algorithms for clinical development studies. Aiosyn is modular and is integrated with diagnostic viewers in hospitals, which improves the scalability of new digital tests at a later stage.

  • Higher speed and accuracy driven by AI technology

    Our technology harnesses a powerful form of machine learning called “neural networks” (or deep learning) to identify abnormal tissue patterns such as cancer. Artificial intelligence has shown to do this with unprecedented accuracy and speed. For quantifying patterns and cells of interest, AI offers consistent quality, repeatability, and speed.

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