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We support CROs and biopharma with AI-powered solutions to identify novel pathology-based biomarkers that can accelerate drug development.

Accelerate drug development with Digital pathology and AI solutions

Bringing a new drug to market typically takes between 10 and 15 years and on average $1.3 billion. However, the emergence of artificial intelligence offers the potential to simplify and accelerate the drug development process.

Our digital pathology and AI solutions provide CROs and biopharma organizations with cutting-edge tools to identify new and existing pathology-based biomarkers that can streamline drug development efforts. Aiosyn highly specializes in biomarkers for cancer and chronic kidney disease.

Improve the efficiency of your research workflow

Explore Aiosyn’s AI-powered solution to automate the quality control (QC) of digital histology slides.

AiosynQC increases the efficiency of research workflows, offering a seamless integration into laboratory operations. Moreover, it provides an ideal solution for processing archived samples, streamlining the preparatory phase before subsequent examination. With support for both H&E and IHC slides, AiosynQC empowers laboratories to uphold consistent QC measures while significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual checks.

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AiosynQC analysis

Tissue folds of an IHC stained slide image are identified and highlighted with AiosynQC. The algorithm detects the most common artifacts in whole slide images.

Why collaborate with Aiosyn?

Aiosyn develops AI-powered algorithms to provide insights into precision diagnostics strategies that may improve future therapy development and optimization. Leveraging AI/ML technology, high-quality pathology images, and data science expertise in the field of cancer and chronic kidney diseases (CKD), our team develops a comprehensive digital pathology and AI strategy for translational and clinical biomarker development projects.

  • Proven track record of integrated AI development in breast cancer and chronic kidney diseases

    With a longstanding track record in developing AI-powered algorithms for breast cancer and CKD, we originate from a pathology laboratory and the Computational Pathology group from Radboudumc. We have developed a large network in these fields and collaborate closely with our network of pathologists to design, train, and validate advanced artificial intelligence models.

  • Advanced and compliant AI solutions for increased data security

    Aiosyn’s dedication lies in developing and providing cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to pathology, all while ensuring the utmost security. We take pride in being ISO 13485 certified for medical devices, a testament to our commitment to quality and compliance.

  • Seamless integration and scalable deployment

    Aiosyn’s cloud-based diagnostics platform facilitates seamless integration and scalable deployment of algorithms for clinical development studies. Aiosyn is modular and is integrated with diagnostic viewers in hospitals, which improves the scalability of new digital tests at a later stage.

  • Higher speed and accuracy driven by AI technology

    Our technology harnesses a powerful form of machine learning called “neural networks” (or deep learning) to identify abnormal tissue patterns such as cancer. Artificial intelligence has shown to do this with unprecedented accuracy and speed. For quantifying patterns and cells of interest, AI offers consistent quality, repeatability, and speed.

Life Sciences

Discovery and translational research

Partner with us to discover new morphologic features, biomarkers and spatial patterns using AI/ML technology. By harnessing data-driven insights, you can enhance your custom analytical and modeling strategies. Our approach combines quantitative assessment with multimodal omics data to improve robustness and reproducibility of downstream experiments.

Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Clinical development

The detection of histopathological biomarkers will support the identification of patient (sub)groups to enable more informed decision making and/or provide an objective measurement that may serve as an endpoint in clinical studies.

Experience our AI-powered pathology algorithms

Contact our team to experience our AI-powered pathology algorithms that can help you with your pathology workflow, clinical diagnostics and/or drug development programs.