Mitotic figure counting

We provide an AI-powered solution to aid research labs with the identification of mitotic figures in H&E sections1.


The manual process is time-consuming and subject to variability, and there is a need for solutions to increase its efficiency and consistency of results. Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast uses deep learning to detect mitosis in whole slide images, saving pathologists time and providing research labs with a more standard process. With enhanced and reproducible detection, new biomarkers can be discovered and researched more accurately.


1. Aiosyn is in process of validating the use of Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast for clinical diagnostics and it is undergoing CE-mark certification under the EU IVDR. Currently, the use of Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast is limited to performance studies / Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Analysis of Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast

Mitotic figures in an H&E stained slide image are identified and highlighted with Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast. The deep learning algorithm detects cells undergoing division (mitosis) in whole slide images before the cases are opened for review.

Increase the efficiency of mitosis counting

Increase the efficiency of mitosis counting

Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast helps research labs improve the process of mitosis analysis. The algorithm detects and highlights mitotic figures in H&E slides, saving pathologists time.

Improve the consistency of results

Improve the consistency of results

AI-powered mitosis detection improves the consistency of research data by reducing observer variability and providing unified criteria for the analysis of mitotic figures.

AI integrated in your workflow

AI integrated in your workflow

Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast is offered as a modular software solution that can be integrated into existing workflows, removing the need to adopt a different viewer.

Your workflow with Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast

Our Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast can be integrated with major workflow providers such as Sectra. Slides are prepared as usual, and the algorithm analyzes images once uploaded to the platform.

Discover Aiosyn’s AI-Powered Algorithm for Mitosis Detection

Aiosyn Mitosis – Breast automatically recognizes and highlights mitotic bodies in H&E slides to improve the quality and speed of the tumor grading process. Tightly integrated into existing workflows, this application advances pathology research, prevents delays, and improves the consistency of results. 

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