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We believe in the synergy between pathologists and artificial intelligence

Our Solutions
Introducing Aiosyn’s Kidney AI Suite

Aiosyn’s Kidney AI Suite uses deep learning to analyze kidney structures and quantify lesions that impact kidney health, designed to advance research in the field of renal disease.

Our solutions

We use science-based innovation to develop AI-powered solutions that provide a positive impact on patients. We develop computational pathology technology to facilitate informed decision-making in both drug development and clinical diagnostics.

Aiosyn highly specializes in pan-cancer digital biomarkers and objective quantification of kidney lesion scores. 

  • Clinical Diagnostics

    Improve the workflow and support clinical decision making.

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  • Life Sciences

    Solutions to assist in the identification of novel pathology-based biomarkers.

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Our algorithms are co-developed with pathologists.

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We combine state-of-the-art AI research and engineering to develop AI-powered diagnostics



Our solutions are tightly integrated into standard pathology workflows.

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We believe in the synergy between pathologists and artificial intelligence

At Aiosyn we are convinced that computational pathology empowers pathologists to make their work more accurate, efficient and effective. We develop software solutions that inject deep-learning algorithms into existing pathologist workflows to improve clinical decision-making.


With our AI-powered technology, we want to provide new perspectives that lead to improved patient identification and stratification in drug development programs.