Kidney image analysis services

Quantitative evaluation of renal pathology images plays an important role for your drug development studies. It will increase the precision and reproducibility of biomarker scoring and provides objective information about the status of the kidney specimens.

Aiosyn harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI technology to quantify kidney histopathology specimens. Our NephroPath1 platform consists of algorithms for AI-enabled kidney biomarker scoring and is offered through our AI-assisted image analysis services.

1. The NephroPath platform is for Research Use Only and should not be used for diagnostic procedures.

Al-powered (pre)clinical studies

Automated quantification and multi-class prediction on whole kidney digital slides through the NephroPath platform. In addition to model predictions, we deliver in-depth reports that include analysis results per experimental group in ongoing studies.

Aiosyn’s streamlined project workflow

Kidney Image Analysis Services
Kidney Image Analysis Services

How can we assist your team?

  • Detailed reports on kidney tissue analysis swiftly upon data submission.
  • Precise quantification to improve the reproducibility of results.
  • Improved objectivity of pathologist’s assessments in multi-center (pre)clinical studies.
  • Customized projects for new and existing biomarkers.
Kidney Image Analysis Services
Kidney Image Analysis Services

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