Clinical Diagnostics

We develop algorithms that improve the digital pathology workflow and certified clinical diagnostic algorithms that augment pathologists.

Empowering pathology labs with AI-driven insights

All laboratories aim to deliver results as fast as possible to patients. Aiosyn aids in achieving this goal by providing precision pathology solutions that streamline clinical workflows and support image analysis with AI-driven insights.

We specialize in developing and certifying deep learning software for cancer and kidney diseases that can assist pathologists in making more accurate and efficient clinical decisions.

“I am delighted that we finalized the clinical validation study for Aiosyn Mitosis Breast with Radboudumc. It was an immense project with 28 pathologists from 9 countries participating. Great to see how AI can benefit pathologists in a real clinical setting!”

Wouter Bulten, Chief Innovation Officer of Aiosyn

Integrated in the pathology workflow

Within a digital pathology workflow, all tissue slides are digitized before examination by a pathologist. Artificial intelligence has to be included in this workflow to ensure pathologists don’t have to wait for algorithms’ results. We, therefore, tightly integrate our AI solutions within existing workflows. We collaborate with industry and clinical partners to bring the most seamless experience to pathologists worldwide.

Clinical Diagnostics


Experience our AI-powered pathology algorithms

Reach out to our team to experience how our AI-powered pathology algorithms can support clinical diagnostics.