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Our Solutions
We develop algorithms that improve the digital pathology workflow and certified clinical diagnostic algorithms that augment pathologists.

Empowering pathologists with AI technology

All pathology labs aim to deliver results as fast as possible to patients. Aiosyn provides solutions for clinical diagnostics that reduce workflow inefficiencies by streamlining the process of pathological examination, improving its overall quality, and reducing its cost.

We use AI-powered pathology algorithms to support pathologists with more accurate and efficient clinical decision-making. This technology utilizes a powerful form of machine learning called “neural networks” (or deep learning) to identify abnormal tissue patterns such as cancer with unprecedented accuracy.

Selection of AI solutions
Automated control of scanned H&E slides for the most common quality artifacts, such as out of focus areas and tissue folds.
AI-powered solution to aid pathologists with the identification of mitotic figures in H&E sections.

Sustainable, inclusive healthcare requires accessible diagnostic tools that are highly reliable, effective and efficient

Integrated in the pathology workflow

Within a digital pathology workflow, all tissue slides are digitized before examination by a pathologist. Artificial intelligence has to be included in this workflow to ensure pathologists don’t have to wait for algorithms’ results. We, therefore, tightly integrate our AI solutions within existing workflows. We collaborate with industry and clinical partners to bring the most seamless experience to pathologists worldwide.

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