Automated Quality Control

We provide an AI-powered solution for automated quality control of digital histology slides in the pathology workflow.


Histological slides may show heterogeneity because of variations in pre-analytical processing and scanning artifacts. High-quality and efficient workflows are essential to drive the efficiency of the digital pathology lab. AiosynQC automates and simplifies the quality control process.


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Improve the quality of clinical diagnostics

AiosynQC helps labs ensure that only high-quality images are used by pathologists. The algorithm detects and highlights the most common artifacts.

Reduce time spent on QC

Automating quality control increases the efficiency of the diagnostic and research workflow by reducing the amount of time spent on manual inspection of image quality.

Start working with AI algorithms

Integrating AI-powered solutions will improve your digital pathology workflow. Automating QC will ease the use of other algorithms that underperform when artifacts are present.

Integrated in your workflow

Our Automated Quality Control can be integrated with major workflow providers such as Sectra. Slides are prepared as usual, and AiosynQC analyzes images once uploaded to the platform.

“It’s great to see that we are now REALLY going to leverage artificial intelligence to improve our patient care.”

– Jeroen van der Laak, professor at Radboud University Medical Center and CSO of Aiosyn

Discover Aiosyn’s AI-Powered Algorithm for Image Quality Control

AiosynQC automatically recognizes and flags the most common artifacts to improve the quality and speed of digital pathology workflows. Tightly integrated in existing workflows, this application advances clinical diagnostics, prevents delays, and makes digitization of large cohorts much easier.

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