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Join us in our mission to provide AI-powered pathology anywhere, anytime

At Aiosyn, we are committed to advancing precision pathology in cancer and kidney diseases through artificial intelligence. We develop software solutions that inject deep-learning algorithms into existing workflows to provide data-driven insights that ultimately improve patient outcomes.

With our AI-powered technology, we want to offer pathology labs and biopharma companies new perspectives to discover the most effective treatments while optimizing workflow efficiency.

Meet the team

We bring AI technology to patients

Aiosyn’s team is a unique mix of talented scientists, engineers, regulatory, medical and business professionals that aim to bring computational pathology technology to patients and doctors.

Meet the Team

Aiosyn is rooted in pathology

Aiosyn was founded as a spin-off from the Computational Pathology research group of Radboud University Medical Center, one of the front-runners in the field. We build upon 20+ years of research experience in the field of pathology and are proud to say that we are rooted in pathology practice. With our track-record in artificial intelligence and software engineering we bring research innovations into the hands of pathologists.

Our close connection to clinical practice allows us to build computational pathology solutions for and together with pathologists. We believe in the power of AI to empower pathologists and envision a world where AI is available everywhere, anytime.

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Built upon 20+ years of research experience

Founded as a spin-off from Radboudumc, we combine state-of-the-art AI research and engineering to develop precision pathology solutions.

Rooted in the pathology practice

Our strong ties to clinical practice enable 
the co-development of deep learning 
solutions with pathology laboratories.

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Help us to bring AI to patients. Join us in our mission to provide AI-powered pathology anywhere, anytime.

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