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Mark D. Stegall, MD


Mark D. Stegall, MD

Dr. Stegall is a transplant surgeon and researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.  He has more than 30 years of experience.

Mayo Clinic has 3 transplant sites (Minnesota, Arizona and Florida) that collectively perform more than 1000 kidney transplants each year.  Dr. Stegall conducts research involving all 3 Mayo sites and has been the Principal Investigator on numerous multicenter trials enrolling more than 1500 patients over the past 8 years. His large research group maintains a biorepository that includes more than 15,000 digitized renal transplant biopsies. 

Dr. Stegall’s research aims to improve the outcomes of kidney transplant recipients.  A major thrust of this recent research has been in developing more quantitative, objective methods for evaluating renal transplant biopsies to better predict graft failure from early histologic changes.  His group has had a long-standing collaboration with Dr. Jeroen van der Laak at Radboud University in using Deep Learning Algorithms to automate the scoring of histologic changes in renal transplant biopsies.  Dr. Stegall also has extensive experience in investigator-initiated clinical trials and in regulatory issues regarding new drug and device development. 

Dr. Stegall is the James C. Masson Professor of Surgery Research.  The author of more than 300 publications, he has received several awards including the 2023 Medal of Excellence from the American Association of Kidney Patients and the 2011 Paul Terasaki Clinical Science Award from the American Society of Histocompatability.  He is currently the Co-Chair of the Transplant Therapeutics Consortium, a public-private partnership between the US Food and Drug Administration and the transplant community with the goal of developing new pathways for drug approval in transplantation.