Aiosyn launches AI-powered mitosis detection solution to support cancer research, improving the efficiency and consistency of results

By Anna Correas Grifoll
20 June, 2023


Nijmegen – Aiosyn, a medical software company specializing in AI-powered pathology solutions, released its first AI algorithm in its Mitosis product family: Aiosyn Mitosis Research. The innovative deep-learning algorithm is designed to automatically scan for cells undergoing division (mitoses) to assist research pathology laboratories with mitotic figure detection in whole slide images from cancer biopsies and resections. The second algorithm in the family, Aiosyn Mitosis Breast for diagnostic use, is currently undergoing clinical validation. 

Counting mitotic figures in histological slide preparations is a tedious and subjective task with poor reproducibility. The AI-powered mitosis detection solution empowers laboratories to implement a more consistent and efficient protocol for biomarker discovery and drug development studies, thereby improving the quality and standardization of results. By effectively highlighting mitotic figures in hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) slides before cases are opened for review, Aiosyn’s algorithm significantly enhances the efficiency of mitosis analysis, a critical biomarker for tumor growth evaluation.

Aiosyn Mitosis Research is a modular and flexible software offered as a service solution that can be integrated into existing digital pathology software. It can be deployed through the cloud or on-premise installation, adapting to different laboratory setups. This release marks yet another significant milestone for Aiosyn, following the successful launch of AiosynQC, an automated quality control (QC) tool that significantly streamlines the digital pathology workflow.  

Aiosyn is currently in the validation phase for another product in the Mitosis product family, Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, for clinical diagnostics. Aiosyn Mitosis Research and Aiosyn Mitosis Breast will be part of a portfolio of deep learning algorithms currently in development for different pathologies for which there is a clear need to improve diagnostic precision and quality.

Cells undergoing division, also named mitotic figures or mitoses, are identified and highlighted with Aiosyn’s algorithm for automated mitosis detection.

About Aiosyn

Aiosyn is a Dutch medical software company that develops AI-powered pathology solutions that will be integrated into standard pathology workflows. The Aiosyn team has been built upon 20+ years of research experience in the field of pathology and is rooted into the pathology practice.

About Aiosyn Mitosis Research

Aiosyn Mitosis Research is an AI-powered solution that recognizes and highlights mitotic figures in H&E slides. Aiosyn Mitosis Research is intended for Research Use Only. Aiosyn is currently validating another product in the Mitosis product family, Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, for clinical diagnostics. It is undergoing CE-mark certification under the EU IVDR.



Anna Correas, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Aiosyn

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