New start-up Aiosyn will bring AI research into pathology diagnostics

By Patrick de Boer
21 September, 2021

Aiosyn is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in pathology diagnostics and improve the chances of cancer patients worldwide. Aiosyn is a spin-off from Radboudumc, a frontrunner in computational pathology research.

Pathology is pivotal in the diagnostic process of many diseases such as cancer. For more than 100 years pathologists have been using the optical microscope for tissue examination. The field of pathology is now challenged by the world’s shortage of pathologists, and the growing requirements for efficiency and consistent quality.

A revolution in the field

Recent progress in artificial intelligence, imaging, and high-performance computing has unlocked a revolution in the field: AI-powered Computational Pathology. Aiosyn will bring research algorithms into clinical practice to both speed up and improve the quality of pathology diagnostics.

Integrating algorithms

Aiosyn aims to democratize the access to high quality pathology diagnostics around the world; and believes that at critical moments the chances of cancer patients can be improved through computational pathology. Aiosyn’s AI-powered solutions will be integrated into standard digital pathology workflows, providing assistance to pathologists with a seamless experience.

Diagnostics & life sciences support

Aiosyn’s products will focus on clinical diagnostic support for complex diseases such as prostate and breast cancer. The company will also provide solutions for biotech, pharma and diagnostics companies.

World-leading science

Aiosyn originates from the group of Jeroen van der Laak, head of the Computational Pathology Group from Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc). The group is world-renowned for pioneering AI for large-scale whole-slide image analysis with high-ranking journal publications (e.g., automated grading of prostate cancer), the CAMELYON and PANDA challenges for breast and prostate cancer, and the IMI BIGPICTURE project. Aiosyn’s management team consists of Patrick de Boer, Jeroen van der Laak, David Tellez and Wouter Bulten. Katrien Grünberg, Geert Litjens and Francesco Ciompi are members of the advisory board.